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ACI Global having acquired Digital Learning Solutions, a software development company, Specializing in the development of e-learning platforms for academic and business-critical training. We add value by helping companies make the right long term decisions to significantly improve their organisational performance, save money, build programs faster and drive “Sustained Success”.

First and foremost, we serve our clients.
To fulfill our goal, we conduct thorough ongoing research into the e-learning marketplace. Our methodology relies on primary research directly from users, vendors, consultants and industry leaders. We regularly explore new sources of information. We study best practices, content development strategies, how to select the right media, technology, LMS implementations and measurement techniques.

We build our systems around modern education theory.
Our systems are developed to facilitate educate rather than just train or instruct. Our experience building innovative learning solutions has taught that us that to be successful, an organisation’s learning initiatives must be tied to its vision, mission, business goals and key performance indicators. Our e-learning delivery platforms were purpose built to combine advanced technology and multimedia in a format that engages learners so they can learn faster, participate more actively, and retain key information longer. Our business-driven methodology leverages best practices, business experience and proven solutions designed to assist companies with their performance enhancement requirements.

We provide support every step of the way.
By applying one or more of our development and consulting services, we can guide organisations through any of the development process stages; analysis, design, production, implementation, evaluation and beyond. Our e-learning platforms provide an unparalleled user experience with a level of simplicity and functionality far superior to that of traditional Learning Management Systems.


Our vision is to simplify e-learning to the extent that it becomes the preferred method for content development and delivery.

Provide a framework where e-learning is measurable event utilising formative and summative assessment clearly demonstrating return on investment (ROI) in terms of cost, time and knowledge gained.

Focused knowledge transfer in the shortest possible time frame, with maximum retention in a flexible environment. Course content and assessments are tailored to each student individually, recognising prior and acknowledging current competence. Learners would only have to study and be assessed on areas that have been identified as not yet mastered.

Providing personal support and monitoring learner progress, identifying critical intervention points for each learner individually. This ensures that learners do not get “lost” in cyberspace and that “no learner is left behind”.

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