ISO Systems Toolkit

Need to implement a new Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety or Compliance System? Do you want to run a gap analysis on your current System? Look no further; the ISO Systems Toolkits or training courses will have you sorted in no time. All toolkits or training courses come with a personal facilitator or trainer and are linked to the candidates own organisation.

These user-friendly Toolkits or training courses will assist you to systematically analyse your Quality, Environmental, Health, Wellness and Safety Risk Management system to ensure it is in-line with audit standards and compliant with all National and International Act’s and Regulations from around  the world.

Gap Analysis software is integrated to check for holes in existing Systems.  Templates and Policies and other detailed information are all available at a click of the button.

If you need to start from scratch then this is the quickest and easiest way to compile a new system and have confidence that will not leave any gaps and at the completion of the project you will be ISO Certified.

In alignment with current for example ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety standards and both the National and International Workplace Safety Management Practices audit process and Workplace Safety programs, we bring you the E-Workplace Safety Toolkit.

Also note your company at the completion of your project will be ready for ISO Certification if it choices to do so. Likewise it also provides real-time evidence and “insurance” that ALL employees and contractors are aware of the Health and Safety requirements.

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