Why eQuip?

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1. Individualised Training
e-Quip enables you to assess a learner’s prior knowledge of a product or system. The system will then create customised training content around their knowledge gaps, increasing their speed to competence.

2. Individualised Tracking and Support
e-Quip has been designed with critical intervention points, allowing you to proactively manage each training course. The system will notify both the learner and their supervisor when they start to fall behind the targeted time frames.

3. Measurable Results – Demonstrable ROI
Determining the ROI is made easy by measuring the exact percentage of knowledge gained by each individual learner.

4. Simplicity – Easy to use for all participants
e-Quip has been built based on the look and feel of the Microsoft suite of products, providing a familiar interface for most users.

5. Rapid Course Development
With e-Quip you don’t need any programing skills to build online training courses. We have designed it so that trainers can drag and drop existing training material from its native format straight into the system.

6. Total Transparency
With a single click you can instantly view reports on the entire training history and results of each learner.

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